Welcome to The Gem Zone


Visit our unique store at 127 S Main St # C, New Hope, PA 18938-1252
(215) 862-7000

   Gem Zone was founded by Vilija Folger in the heart of New Hope, one of the most artistic towns of southern PA. As the name indicates, you can find here an extensive range of gemstones from all over the World.

   Starting with rough minerals going up to custom faceted gemstones you can choose them for your own design or create one of the kind unique piece of jewelry right here in the store studio. 

   A lot of new original pieces are born here that incorporate old and new, custom blend of mood and customer's personality.

   Driven by desire for innovative creations, incorporating the many contemporary trends in fashion and seeking for inspiration in creations of the World, pieces created in Gem Zone are becoming objects of desire for those who are hunting for something different, unconventional.


   Pairing jewelry with unusual props such as original paintings and minerals opens another window of creativity and 

invites customers to take another look at things and try to get involved in creative process and discover talents, that 

they never thought they have.


Jewelry Making Classes

   Even those, who have never picked up a bead in their lives, can leave Gem Zone with one of a kind, unique treasure, 

designed and created by themselves.

   Join our jewelry making classes and we will provide with everything you need to create beautiful jewelry right here

in the store.

   Practice shows, that one class of basic skills opens the door into the amazing world of jewelry and gems. 

You can choose any time for your class during the weekdays. There is no time limit for your class and 

no minimum people required. You can stay as long as it takes to finish your first project. You can also have a party 

with your friends in relaxed atmosphere and unleash your creativity (for special party arrangements contact us at 

info@gemzone.us )


Warning: acquired skills are habit forming and highly addictive!  Have fun playing with colors!!!!!!!!!!


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